Gerard Way Talks New Music in 2019

2018 is so last year… Seriously. But throughout the year, Gerard Way gifted us a handful of new songs like ‘Baby You’re a Haunted House.’ But it almost felt like a tease, because its been more than four years since we’ve seen a new album from the former My Chemical Romance frontman.

Well now, Gerard is focusing on a new year. Way says he’s been focusing a lot on the filming of The Umbrella Academy, his new show on Netflix. But with that all wrapped up, he’s looking to focus more on new music. See what he had to say as part of his year in review here.

So what will this new music be focusing on? Well, Gerard says it’s going to be “heavy” and he could be drawing some inspiration from witches…. yes. Witches. While we wait for any news on some new music, check out some of the singles Gerard brought to us in 2018.