Get to Know Your CRNVL Artist: IDK How But They Found Me


IDK How But They Found Me, often shortened to IDKHow was formed in secrecy in late 2016. Although, interviews and tweets by frontman Dallon Weekes, the project has existed since 2009.

“Our initial approach when we started was to play in secret, and deny that we were even a band. We denied that this band existed at all. Fans, when they started finding out about what we were doing, would ask us and we’d say ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,” comments Weekes.

The two members, Dallon Weekes, previously of Panic! At the Disco and Ryan Seaman of Falling In Reverse had been long time friends who worked together on musical endeavors in the past.

Before signing to Fearless Records, this dynamic duo was described as “the hottest unsigned band in the world” according to the cover of Rock Sound magazine.

Their website describes them as, “…a band out of time. One who faded away into obscurity after struggling to find success in the late 70’s and early 80’s.” Their music, appearance, and social media presence is heavily influenced by the style of the 80s. In an interview done with One’s To Watch, Weekes stated that he draws inspiration from the pop culture of these two decades. “Inspiration wise, everything we’ve been doing has been inspired by the media when I was a kid,” offers Dallon.
Musically, they can be described as electronic rock, indie pop, new wave, alternative, and “electro pop rock,” and according to Hysteria Magazine, a pop rock-influenced mix of “sixties garage, seventies glam, eighties new wave, and the early days of Britpop.”

Performing alongside Silversun Pickups, IDKHow will be at 103.3 The Edge’s CRNVL, taking place July 14 at Buffalo Riverworks.