Get to Know Your CRNVL Artist: Silversun Pickups

Coming to Buffalo in mid-July are the legendary Silversun Pickups, performing  at 103.3 The Edge’s CRNVL, taking place July 14 at Buffalo Riverworks.

Based in Los Angeles, Silversun Pickups formed in 2002 and identified themselves as indie rockers. The band was initially named A Couple of Couples, reflecting the fact that lead guitarist Brian Aubert was romantically involved with drummer Elvira Gonzales while rhythm guitarist Jack Kennedy was involved with bassist Nikki Monniger. After the couples had broken up, the band went through some changes, both Kennedy and Gonzales left, having Joe Lester, keyboardist, taking over guitar and Christopher Guanlao becoming their new drummer, thus changing their name to Silversun Pickups, the name of a liquor store across from a venue the band would frequent.

The band became regulars at clubs in Los Angeles and shortly after they had a following.

In September of 2006, the band released their first full length album Carnavas, and had two songs in the Top Ten of Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks chart. That year they toured with Wolfmother, Snow Patrol, and OK Go in the United States and opened for the Foo Fighters in the U.K.

Their success beamed onward from there. In 2015 they started their own record label, New Machine Records, from where they launched with their fourth full-length album, Better Nature.