Know Your HRVST Artist | The Eaves

The beloved Buffalo band, Sixties Future has made a big transformation into The Eaves. Buffablog puts it beautifully, “The  [Sixties Future] retro edged hard-driving Americana rock made believers of us, and from that point forward their every song or show received passionate attention. After a few years growing in strength in the rock revivalist corner of the local scene, when word went out that the band was calling it quits there was definitely some sadness. Everything just felt right about Sixties Future, but maybe it wasn’t to be.”

 In late 2017, there was word on the street that the band was resurfacing. They dropped a music video with their new announcement, which felt like a declaration of intent from the band.

The band brings strong hints of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, but also gives off vibes from The National and The Gaslight Anthem.

Although they had a bit of a pause, the band was told from the beginning that they should keep going. This was way back in 2016.
Bassist Mo Halliday commented, “We went from recording our first single and not even knowing if we wanted to put it out or not, to playing our first show and getting more people than we’ve ever had telling us to keep going, to keep doing it.”

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