Know Your HRVST Artist | Winnetka Bowling League

According to Melodic Magazine, Winnetka Bowling League is said to be the best new band to come out of California.
This music project is the duo of Dan Book and Matthew Koma. With the first listen of their debut 2018 release, it feels as if you are instantly transported into a convertible driving around in Santa Monica.

In the interview with Melodic Magazine, Matt Koma comments that even though he has lived in Los Angeles for over ten years, most of the release was written on a trip to New York, reflecting about his time spent in California.

Most of the songs are autobiographical with a mix of making their own comments on how Los Angeles culture has changed over the years, being sure to distance themselves from it.

Koma comments that he usually works as a solo artist and that being apart of a collaborative project is a different process.

“With other artists, my job is to help realize their vision and make sure they’re getting the music to the place they want it to be…that it aligns with who they are.  When writing / producing stuff for Winnetka, I get to be a little more selfish and go to a different place. I prefer working on my own stuff. There’s a freedom to it,” he comments.

He added, “I definitely look forward to working on a full album eventually, but there’s something nice about making these 5/6 song collections and not being overly precious about it,” Koma comments in the interview with Melodic.

Despite the show being in November, hopefully, Winnetka Bowling League can bring the California sunshine to whatever weather Buffalo is undergoing in November.

Make sure you learn the words to their hit “Kombucha” so you can sing-along at HRVST! And don’t forget to grab your HRVST tickets HERE