Shredd and Ragan’s No Nut November

It’s November and that means it’s time for No Nut November. You know what to do… or not do. And now we’re having some fun with nuts… The Bavarian Nut Company to be exact!

All month long you’re going to want to remember the phrase that pays because we’re calling you out on it!

Sign up below for your chance to win a Bavarian Nut Gift Pack.  If Shredd and Ragan choose your submission, they’re calling you!  It’s up to you to remember the phrase that pays:

“Hey Shredd and Ragan, it’s November and I haven’t nutted yet!”

Seriously, when they call you, you have to say it!  That’s how you win! Good luck!

Bavarian Nut Gift pack includes:

* a 1 lb Bavarian cone of nuts,

* a Bavarian Nut Company t-shirt, OR a license plate holder OR coffee mug

No Nut November 2019