Get to Know Your CRNVL Artists: Meg Myers

Nashville born and raised, Meg Myers has quite the unusual upbringing for an alternative musician. Myers spent the first five years of her life in the Smoky Mountains with her father, a truck driver, and her mother, who were both formerly Jehovah’s Witnesses. Her parents divorced and Myers was moved to Ohio with the rest of her family, where her mom remarried a comic book artist. The family uprooted for a final time, this time moving to Florida, where she and her brother spent their teen years. This is when Meg began singing and teaching herself guitar then formed a band with her brother.

After her 20th birthday, Myers picked up and moved to Los Angeles to pursue the musical career she had dreamed of. She eventually signed with a production company and began to make music including her debut release, Daughter in the Choir and Make a Shadow.

According to Myers, her goal for her music is that “I want it to make people unafraid to feel.”

In April of 2018, Myers released the first single, “Numb”, for her second album, Take Me To The Disco. She commented that Numb was about the struggles trying to fit Atlantic Records’ expectations for her.

In Spring of this year, Myers had released a cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up The Hill.” Along with this release, she announced a collection of seven original songs that will be apart of the Take Me To The Disco collections but were not included on the original album.

Musically, Myers style is a combination of her upbringing and childhood musical influences. She comments that she came from the grunge, punk-rock background but always wanted to write catchy pop songs. Growing up she loved artists like Sting, Led Zeppelin, and Fleetwood Mac, she was drawn to the simplicity of a song.

Be sure to check out Meg Myers alongside other great artists at 103.3 The Edge’s CRNVL, taking place July 14 at Buffalo Riverworks.