Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine Calls Out Twitter Troll

Photo: A Ellis Cairns
Town Ballroom

If you’ve ever listened to any Rage Against the Machine song you’ve probably noticed they’re a tad political, right? No? Is it not obvious? To some fans, still apparently not. Tom Morello thinks it’s pretty clear.

When a fan tweeted that he he didn’t want to hear “political bs’ when listening to music and that he used to be a fan of Rage Against the Machine until Morello’s political opinions came out, Morello was quick to clarify.

It seems that other RATM fans were equally as puzzled at the  Tweet that has since been deleted.



This isn’t the first time Morello’s  been called out by trolls on politics, so sometimes he just has to reiterate.


And for further proof that this didn’t all start at Rage Against the Machine and obviously didn’t end there, his mother continues to still rage by his side.


Rage Against the Machine will see you in Buffalo July 29, 2021.