The Bubble Trailer

Did you like Anchorman or Superbad or This is 40 or Knocked UpTrainwreck maybe?  Those are flicks that were either produced or directed by Judd Apatow.

Did you also enjoy Sharknado, Sharknado 2, Sharknado 3 (by the way, did you know there are 5 of those movies), or Lavalantula or perhaps Sharktopus Vs Whalewolf?  Those are all horror/comedy flicks from SyFy.

Did you enjoy being quarantined or masking up or anything about the pandemic?  No, none of us have enjoyed anything about all of that.  

And that’s how we end up at The Bubble; a new Netflix movie which combines half a teaspoon of Apatow, 1 can of SyFy and 2 cups of pandemic.  Literally, it’s a movie about making a movie during the pandemic.  The movie they’re making is Cliff Beasts 6 which I originally thought was the actual movie here.  Sometimes big companies try to get cheeky and throw too much money at a concept that’s better done on the fly with a limited budget.  Thankfully it’s not.

For myself all of these ingredients are hit and miss, but this looks quite enjoyable with a hell of a cast: SNLers Fred Armisen & Kate McKinnon, Keegan-Michael Key, Leslie Mann, Din Djarin himself Pedro Pascal AND David Duchovny!
Lots of stuff going on here, but I’m in see if it’s a cluster or just easy fun.  The Bubble comes to Netflix on April 1st. – Jacka