Billy Corgan Has Found His Stolen Guitar

Billy Corgan is happy to be reunited with a guitar that was stolen from a Smashing Pumpkins gig in 1992, according to Rolling Stone. The singer’s favorite guitar was swiped after a show in Detroit and was never found until now. The guitar was used to record the band’s ‘Gish’ album.

Morgan offered a $10,000 no-questions-asked reward at the time to no avail. He says he always knew the guitar would resurface at the right time, but never knew when that time would be.

The early Seventies Fender Stratocaster was in the possession of a mother-of-three who had purchased the guitar at a lawn sale in Detroit for $200, not knowing who it had famously belonged to, according to Rolling Stone. It’s been hanging in her basement as a conversation piece for 10 years. Her friend recognized the guitar from online stories and figured out a way to get the info to Corgan.

Read more about the fateful reunion here and check out some live ‘Gish’ footage below.