Know Your HRVST Artist | BRKN LOVE

What do 103.3 The Edge and one HRVST Fest artist have in common? A shared love for lack of vowels!

BRKN Love is the brainchild of Toronto’s Justin Benlolo. Being only twenty-one, Justin’s project signed to Spinefarm Records in the spring of this year.

On the record label’s website, it says that he began writing music and looking for a producer to fine-tune his creations right out of high school.

His first single, “Shot Down,” hinges on muscular guitars and seesaws between dirty blues verses and a floor-shaking low end, according to Spinefarm Records.

Justin comments, “it can be interpreted as a massive disaster song. There’s a landslide shaking the ground, and we’re in the middle of the valley. The world’s ending as we’re playing away.”

BRKN Love is said to represent a new era for rock music that’s as powerful as it is emotional.

When it comes to the name of the project, Justin says, “The name represents who I am. You can honestly be a hopeless romantic and play tough music. Most of the lyrics deal with love and loss. That’s the vibe. You can share your feelings and still rock your face off at the end of the day. It’s what I’m going to do.”

With the band becoming more than just Benlolo’s baby, all of the band members pour their hearts and soul into performances. Justin is especially animated, letting the music move him as the song changes.

You can see how the band lets the music overcome them in the music video for “Shot Down.” And don’t forget to grab your HRVST tickets HERE