Travis Barker of Blink 182 Talks Creativity During Quarantine

Photo: A Ellis Cairns

Travis Barker of Blink 182 has been anything but still during quarantine. With new Blink 182 music coming in the next couple of weeks, his Post Malone Nirvana tribute that raised more than $3 million for COVID relief charities and producing Machine Gun Kelly’s new album, he tells Spin he has been very creative during this time.

“As far as quarantine I can just focus and create. I’ve been very productive and just been on one,” he said.

This creativity has also involved business ventures like starting his own label and working more with Post Malone. He told Spin that when a mutual friend of Malone’s asked him about doing a Nirvana tribute show he thought he was joking. When he decided to drive to Salt Lake City to rehearse, he realized it was a real thing.

“Whoa, this is really happening,” he told Spin. “So I just spent the next three days learning 20 Nirvana songs, which was fun because Nirvana is one of the greatest bands of all time. And then just driving out there and doing that quarantine was so cool when people are sitting around and really need live music. And what better band to pay tribute to than Nirvana?”

Blink 182 plan to release a new song ‘Quarantine’ soon, stay tuned!