Billie Eilish Shows A Little More of Her Soul In ‘The World’s A Little Blurry’ Documentary

Billie Eilish premiered her documentary Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry on Apple + TV Friday chronicling the star’s seemingly quick rise to fame. The film starts and ends with her song ‘Ocean Eyes,’ the one she released on Soundcloud at age 13.

The documentary shows the close  personal and creative relationship she has with her brother Phinneas and primary songwriter of all of her hits. A side of Billie that’s never really been put out there before unfolds in how she presents her relationships. She shows the difficulties of managing the challenges of an uprising career along with touring and trying to balance that with young romance. The film acknowledges Billie dating rapper Q and ultimately ending the relationship.

The documentary shows the contrast of being a star, alongside her massive hits like ‘Bad Guy’ released at age 16 while also getting her learners permit, reminding us how young she was when recording her Grammy winning album When We All Fall Asleep. The star gets candid with her fans and audience while also being honest with herself in front of a camera.

So what’s ahead? While Billie has expressed her disappointment in not being able to tour because of the pandemic, she’s also used the down time for self-care and reflection which can only encourage more creativity and productivity for the future.