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10 Things To Look Forward To In March

Images from the 01.21.2018 STL Ambush Game. Copyright 2018 Sean Locke – www.seanlockephotography.com
  1. Daylight Saving Time – We spring forward on March 14th. Getting more daylight at night will get these cold days feeling like summer is coming!
  2. The Oscars– Are we really interested in who wins what or are we more interested in seeing how many jokes there will be about last year’s incident?
  3. International Women’s Day– A global celebration celebrating historical, cultural, and political achievement of women
  4. St. Patrick’s Day– A great excuse to have a green beer at your favorite Buffalo bar
  5.  Concerts – Muse, Blue October, JXDN & Third Eye Blind all have concerts in or surrounding the Buffalo area in March
  6. March Madness– the first one in two years!
  7. New music– All Time Low, Death Cab for Cutie, U2, Fall Out Boy, Depeche Moe, and Lana Del Ray all have music coming out this month
  8. Ice Cream– March 1st is the most popular day ice cream shops that close for the season re-open
  9. Fish Fry Fridays– with Easter falling in early April, lent will be happening all March long which is the best time to get a fish fry at your favorite local spot
  10. MLB Opening Day– If you are a baseball fan, Opening day falls in March this year on the 26th. The earliest it’s even been
Spring forward concept. Alarm clock, pen and notepad. Daylight saving time.