Lexi’s Weekly LowDown – “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”


Spoilers Ahead!

According to Deadline , “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” brought in $66.4 million, including $34.7 million overseas, setting a number of foreign box office records all within its first night of the release. Seeing the lineup of actors in the film, Mario and Luigi being played by Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, is causing a lot of stir amongst fans due to the characters not having Italian accents. Not reading much about the film prior to seeing it, 10 minutes in, I instantly was thrown off by not hearing the accents as well.

The film starts explaining the normal life of Mario and Luigi launching a new plumbing business, while we also see the story of Bowser. Not going to lie, Bowser being played by Jack Black really didn’t do it for me. I expected Bowser to be much more villainous then comedic.

Big Spoiler : When the movie gets into the more video-game-like scenery, we discover the story line is for Mario to save his brother Luigi….that’s where I became very lost. Isn’t every Super Mario game about saving Princess Peach?

While the story line was very off, I will tell you the movie itself was action packed, fun, and felt like you were playing a video game. If you are not a stickler for details from the video games, you will love the film.


Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong- 10/10

Rainbow Road being the main Mario Kart track in the movie- 10/10

Lexi’s overall movie rating- 8/10