Lexi’s Weekly Lowdown- Movie Review Edition

Disney’s The Little Mermaid- Live Action

Spoilers ahead!

Last week Lexi saw the new live action of The Little Mermaid. Biggest stand out of the movie is hands down the animation. I seriously can’t wrap my head around how they even did it. Integrating the animation of being a mermaid but also featuring Halle Bailey as a real life human was so seamless to watch.  Halle herself played an incredible roll. She had the spunk of an adventurous Ariel as well as the perfect shyness when it came to falling in love with her prince. I personally think Jonah Hauer-King played a great prince Eric. You would have thought they originally made the character after him.   

My only complaint with the film was the music scoring. I think all major songs from the cartoon were great…if not better actually. But I do wish there would have been more of the background scoring from the original cartoon firm.

Overall 9/10

I loved it! I think most live action movies Disney has done feel more intense then the cartoons do. Overall it was a perfect ode to a classic.

I recommend going to see it!